Staying one step ahead of counterfeiters by enhancing public – private partnership and improving physical and online brand protection

Today, counterfeiting has become a growing problem due the huge increase in attempts of illicit trade. Counterfeiters have started to adopt more sophisticated methods in creating fakes making it difficult to detect infringements and posing greater threat to consumers.

The total magnitude of counterfeiting and piracy worldwide is estimated over $600 billion. It has become important, now more than ever before, for brand owners and authorities to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters and protect their customers and maintain their brand’s integrity. Given the seriousness of this issue and the direct harm counterfeiting can cause to consumers, it is important that you attend IQPC’s Brand Protection and Anti Counterfeiting Conference where you can participate in industry discussions and learn from global though leaders about the latest brand protection techniques and tactics.

Designed exclusively for enforcement authorities and heads of Anti-counterfeiting, Brand Protection, Trademarks, Security, Investigations and more, this event is an opportunity for you to learn from industry leaders about how to secure your brand from counterfeiters and minimize its impact on the integrity of your brand.

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Why attend?


Learn how to evolve your brand protection strategy to deliver best results for your business and maintain your brand’s integrity


Gain an understanding about counterfeiter’s tactics, innovations and ideas to stay one step ahead and beat them at their own game


Strengthen your brand’s integrity by eliminating online infringement through social media, website and online marketplaces


Discover what other brand owners are doing in order to secure their brand and minimize costs involved in implementing an effective brand protection strategy


Discuss how improving public private partnership and developing strong communication ties can help eradicate counterfeits

Who should attend?


Intellectual property managers and heads from Custom, Economic Departments, Ministry of Interior


Intellectual Property heads at Police


Anti counterfeiting and brand protection managers


IP lawyers and investigators

Media Partners
Legal IQ